Pandaland offers enrichment opportunities 30-40 minutes every day for TK-1st grade students. We offer  PE/Movement, music, computer literacy, and library skills. A strong team collaboration including enrichment  instructors, general education teachers, and administrators ensure lessons are engaging and enriching.  Our Enrichment Program’s goal is to enhance the learning of our students to meet their growth and development. Students learn best in a motivating and fun environment. 

  1. For PE/Movement- students are engaged in physical activities such as structure games, yoga and dance. Students learn calming strategies through MIND Yeti, which focuses on teaching calming down, focus their attention and getting ready for whatever’s next. 
  2. Library skills- students are engaged in listening to stories being read aloud,  completing art activities aligned to literature, and having a large access to children’s books. Library literacy is a fundamental need, ensuring students impact in their future academic success. Meeting the needs of every child as it pertains to their love of reading is offered by having a large compilation of children’s literature. 
  3. Computer literacy- students are engaged in our computer lab and practice to develop typing skills, research skills, Coding, Math and Reading. Students receive the knowledge and skills to prepare them to become 21st Century citizens, Globally competent, problem solving individuals.  
  4. Music- students are engaged in learning about types of instruments and different music genres. Students receiving music skills build resilience, increase self esteem, creativity, and critical thinking skills needed for lifetime success.