Our Story

Vaughn’s School Readiness Center (AKA PandaLand) opened in 2003. We currently provide services to about 800 Pre-K through Grade 1 students. We currently have 8 PK full day classrooms, 3 TK classrooms, 12 Kinder classrooms, and 13 1st Grade classrooms, and each grade has 3 or 4 teachers who team and collaborate. Having this age group  in one campus allows our students to be exposed to high quality early childhood programs, exhibit better language, literacy and mathematical skills, better cognitive and social skills, and better relationships with classmates. Our staff main focus is ensuring our students learn the foundational skills they need not only academically but also in the areas of social emotional and STEM.
At Pandaland we follow a cohesive program with extensive time blocks for literacy, English development, and numerical skills: 1-2hrs for language arts teaming, 1hr for math, and 40 minutes of ELD. Additionally, we have adopted and consistently implement a Positive Behavior Intervention (PBIS) framework and a Second Step curriculum to ensure our staff focuses on mediation rather than punishment, so students can learn to build relationships with adults and peers, and so students can learn to accept responsibility for the harm they may have caused and make restitution with peers. Pandaland staff are strong believers that all students have the right to an education so we too reward our students for coming to school through monthly and yearly celebrations for students who have perfect attendance (no absences, no tardies, and no early dismissals).